Facebook Spam and Fake Facebook Spam

June 15th, 2009

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Here’s an email in my inbox from a few months ago… it bleeds of “I’m fake – click on me and get a virus!”

I don’t really want to give spammers contructive feedback, but I’m sure they can figure it out elsewhere… so let me give YOU some quick red/yellow flags that help you know this is bogus:

  1. Facebook announcement? When do they do this? I don’t remember seeing any legit announcement from them (could be wrong)… but I doubt they’d do this, and if they do, seriously, do you think they are going to announce to 200+ million people about cute girls??
  2. Support78@facebook.com. OMG.  I got the 78th person in support?  Cool.  Wait… what’s support doing sending me announcements… ??
  3. investors at JibberJobber.com. Any emails going to this address, which you could find on the internet (by scrapers), is garbage.  Investors email my address, which is on the same page as that address… not this generic addy.
  4. Announcements. Wait – I thought it was one announcement… now it is multiple?  How come there is only one in the body?  Idiots.
  5. Hot bodies, black underwear and perfect bodies… you see this in any email in your inbox and the first thing you should do is DELETE.  No exceptions (well, unless you are a lingerie trader or importer :p)
  6. Unbelievable Final. Isn’t that supposed to be “finale?”
  7. Here’s the most obvious thing – see that url? There are too many dots in the part I’ve highlighted.  If this were legit it would be from www.facebook.com (or just facebook.com), but notice the very last thing before the .com -> videoreinstalling.com … this means you are going to the video reinstalling website.

Click on this and you might just deserve the virus that ends up on your computer.  Okay, I don’t mean that, no one deserves it, but PLEASE be more skeptical about what you see on the internet!

20 Facebook Tips/Tricks you might now know (from Hongkiat)

May 26th, 2009

This is AWESOME.  Go check it out.

Forwarded to my from my good buddy Walt Feigenson.

Facebook Ads Lands A Guy A Job

May 22nd, 2009

Jesse sent me a link to this post about Eric and his ad on Facebook.  Lots of hate in those comments, but the idea is a good one.  The post is Jobless Guy Buys Facebook Ads To Land Microsoft Gig.

Pretty cool.

Not a new idea, though… check out One Day, One Job’s post titled Use Facebook Ads to Make Employers Hunt You Down. That was posted back in September of 2008… go WillyF!

Facebook Apps for Productivity and Learning

April 11th, 2009

I recently came across a great list of 100 Awesome Facebook Apps for Productivity and Learning.  Really, 100 is too many for me to use and “add,” but I wanted to share here in case you are interested specifically in “productivity and learning.”

Do you have a link to other lists for Facebook apps that do specific things? Or, do you have an absolute killer app that you can’t live without?

Facebook Friends Are Not Necessarily Friends

April 10th, 2009

I LOVE this post from Lauren, called Facebook drama, part 2.

It’s a long post but has profound meaning… too many people think of their social network followings (FB, LI, Twitter, etc.) as marketing channels… and admittedly, I speak on how to communicate various marketing things (like your brand) to and through these channels, but if you neglect the personal relationship, you will burn bridges and become less effective.

Lauren ends her entire post with this line:

Bottom line: Can’t we 30ish-year-olds finally grow up?

Go read her post… I think understanding this is one of the critical things to understand in social networking.  Especially if you are a marketer.

Facebook Signups – More Than 200M

April 8th, 2009

TechCrunch just posted that Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Now Has 200 Million Users.

Not sure if this matters… I mean, what’s the difference between 100 million “users” and 120 and 150 and 200?  It’s a heckalot.

However, let me throw one little opinion in: there is a HUGE difference between “users” and “signups.”

In my own site (JibberJobber.com – to organize a job search) I differentiate between signups and users because signups doesn’t really matter to me.

I mean, it’s cool that people sign up on a site, but if they don’t login?  And if they login once but never come back?

Seriously.  Huge difference.

Nonetheless, it’s a bunch…. more than many countries.  Congrats!

I’m On Facebook–Now What??? Now Available for the Kindle – Get Your Copy Today!

March 23rd, 2009

Recently when Amazon made their Kindle software available for the iPhone I told Jason and our Publisher Mitchell at HappyAbout that it was time we get our copy in the already strong database of books the Amazon Kindle Store provides. Now, not only would you not have to buy a Kindle to read our book digitally, but you could now take it anywhere with you, in your pocket, along with dozens of other of your favorite books thanks to the portability of the iPhone. This was very appealing to me, as now with just the push of a button you could download our book, read it anywhere you go, bookmark it, select your favorite pages, and more in a nice, easy-to-read digital format.

So I was proud to learn today that you can now go to the Kindle Store, search for “I’m on Facebook”, and with one click, have our book in your pocket or on your Kindle wherever you go. Better yet, it’s the cheapest of all versions, at only $9.56! We save on publishing costs, you get half off the original book price. How’s that for win-win?

If you have an iPhone, you can download the Kindle app by clicking on this link. You can also buy the Kindle 2 on Amazon (affiliate link) and get the full experience. To get the book, just go here, click the “Buy now with 1-click” link, and it will automatically be downloaded to your Kindle the next time you turn it on or open the app on the iPhone. Or, if you were always wanting to see what it was about, try it out for free! There’s a “Send sample now” link on that same page which will send you just a sample so you can see a preview of what you’re purchasing before you buy it.

Oh, and be sure to share this with your Facebook friends!

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Are you leveraging Facebook in your social strategy?

January 15th, 2009

On my LinkedIn blog I wrote about one message that I sent out through various channels.  Here’s the basics:

  1. I wrote a post on my JibberJobber blog called Letter to University Professors: Stop Failing Us.
  2. I tweeted it.
  3. The tweet automatically became my Facebook status.
  4. I went to LinkedIn and asked a question related to the post.

If I were to have just left this as a blog post, I would not have put it in front of the thousands of people in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Are YOU leveraging the power of social in communicating your message?

Read more here.

More Facebook Spam … Don’t Click This!

December 29th, 2008

I got this in my mail a few days ago:

This is just like the thing I got a while back and wrote about, regarding Getemcode.

Click on it?  Only if I want to spend the next week dealing with virus issues.

What if it’s real?  What if… well, I’d rather take the risk of ignoring it than clicking on it and having my computer down for a while.  Same thing with electronic greeting cards, which I hate to say, but I don’t open those either.

Your Brand and Social Networks

December 9th, 2008

Remember the mayor or whatever in Oregon who put pictures of herself in lingerie at the firestation on her myspace page, and then complained that that was her personal page, not anything public?

How stupid are people… seriously.

Here’s another story, this time about a lady who put up a picture of her holding a cocktail, with the caption “drunken pirate.”  This picture and caption allegedly cost her her ENTIRE COLLEGE DEGREE!

Oh my gosh people… please, there is no “my private site” vs. “my professional brand.”  It’s all one.

Every single thing you post online can have an affect on your career … perhaps losing you your job, perhaps losing you an opportunity to get your degree.

Read more about this story at Read Write Web.